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Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches

Consultative Meeting  3-4 June
Berlin - Germany
by Atallah Kuttab - SAANED


A meeting was held on 3-4 June at Robert Bosch Foundation premises in Berlin. The meeting with attendance spanning most regions of the world being inclusive of geographic and thematic representation, had representation from the Arab region (Mashrek, Gulf and Maghreb), Africa,  China, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, various European Countries and USA.

For report of the meeting please click here  

The main purpose of this blog is to create a platform to share the development of philanthropy in various regions and how it relates to its rich past while interacting with the global discourse in an effort to understand better global philanthropy.

Atallah Kuttab is chairman of SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory


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